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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Bathroom's

Hello all you Kitty Kawaii Lovers!
With all that talk about Kawaii Beauty routines would it not be great to have a nice bathroom to go to with those Hello Kitty Products?!
I have seen lots of Hello Kitty shapeMirrors- I even have one.
But what about a fully decked out Kitty Bathroom?

Before I show you some amazing looking bathrooms and ideas- I found some other Hello Kitty Products that you could use in your wash-room!
*squeeeeeeeee*I love finding new things also I have some photos of my own to share from my own shower-room!

This is, what is in my shower room but the green and pink do not go so well.oh well never mind hehe.
Any how,Check out this Super cute bubble bath product.I wish I had a bath but it would look cute displayed in my shower room shelf.

Hello Kitty Shampoo and Shower Gel!

Wow- I love it all!
Just so super cute.
I think it would be easy to make a cute Kitty Bathroom or shower room because look at this...Yes a Hello Kitty shower head!
I think its crazy that some one came up with such a idea.Yet I like the way its designed.

Not only that you can get Hello Kitty Toilet roll holders too.

This is getting very very Kitty crazy!

I have shown you a few products and items that could transform your own bathrooms/ shower rooms.
Here are a few from the internet I found and oh my goodness these are so pretty and kitty-tastic!
I want to have a wash room just like these!

Wha! those poor Kitty's stuck in the bath tub!

Pretty in Pink!

I love the red and white modern looking wash-room!

Which one do you like?
Do you have Hello Kitty in your bathroom.
Feel free to share some photos and tell me all about them in the comments below!

Till next time!

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