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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Kitty Make-Up

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's!How are you all?
After my post of skin care tips and such.I wanted to share with you some Hello Kitty Findings of mine.That happens to be make up!
There is not that much Hello Kitty make up here,in the shops- Most of the time I have to ask some one or orderer online to get any, until the other week I spied some make up in a local chemist store !

Well I just had to get some and some of my other loved brands of make up.
\(^V^)/ Yay! <3
What brands of make up do you like?
I love a bit of Barry M make-up
Here is my haul of Kawaii Kitty make up.What do you think of it?

I think the products packaging is very bright and bold.I love how they have put a lot of Hello kitty's head into the products too likes of the nail polish base and lipstick top.
How Kawaii !
Am going to tell you a bit more of what I think of the products them selves and how they hold up as a make up product.

My Barry M Haul of lippy gloss and Nail Polish.
Gone for nice pastel shades for spring.

My Haul with Hello Kitty,So so cute! 

So I got some new fake eyelashes, I have not put them on yet,so I cant say to much about them but I do think they will look cute and fluttery.

 I got a cute pastel shade of Purple in the Kitty Nail Polish.I love the shape of the bottle-too cute.
The polish goes on well and I only needed one coat of it ,to over up my existing colour.

I bet if you had them all that they would look so cute on a dresser.

Black liquid liner- I was in need of a new one and its quick thickly applied so think I will need a steady hand for using this one.Oh and there is a nice logo under the cardboard wrap.
When I used this its a very thick and its not a brush to apply which makes it really hard to put on unless you have been using liquid liner for years.-Like me hehe.
It stays on all day and even into the evening too.

I went for a nude shade of lip stick.
How sweet is the Hello Kitty head on the lipstick package.Teehee
Makes it very easy to find if you are like me and seem to have lots of make up in your make up bags.

The shade of lipstick matched Hello Kitty's Head.

I was a bit gutted over the colour of the product

Its come out more of a shimmer shade and barely any pigment of colour.
But great for a spring summer look and natural shades for every day or for a dressed down look.
Its very sweet looking.
Would you like to know more about my Kawaii make-up and How I do my own?
Do you like to wear cute make- up.
Have you ever tried Hello Kitty inspired make-up?
Till next time Kawaii Blush fans


  1. Love the hello kitty make-up I used mac hello kitty make up

  2. Ah I do love Mac Makeup but its so pricey! <3


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