Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Top Accessories

I love Kawaii Accessories,
Do you or do you have a must wear item when dressing up in your cute outfits?
Are you more into Hair Accessories or Jewellery Accessories?
I think I like a bit of both when it comes to Kawaii Accessories,they are so cute and so much fun.
I have found some really cute ideas that I wanted to show you and what my must have accessories are when it comes to my outfits and more so when they are Hello Kitty!
No outfit is complete with out a Hang bag and more so when it comes to a Hello Kitty one!
You can get any colour or any shape/size to match your outfits!
Wow so cute!

What about some Hello Kitty Jewellery that can dress up a simple outfit for any day of the week .It can be simple or very over the top!
This is ever so pretty, I really love this simple yet Kitty style Necklace.
I want it!

Or what about Hello Kitty's bright red bow,Its a real piece of statement of your love for Hello Kitty!

Its just so much Sparkle and pretty! (*o*)
Can you guess that I love sparkles and glittery stuff too? Tee hee .
Or if you don't like necklaces why not try some Hello Kitty rings instead.Don't forget you only have ten fingers and thumbs to use.

Look even Dear Daniel is getting into fashion too!
This is so adorable.
And those Glasses look so cute on them both.
My other top accessories is eye wear like fake glasses and sun glasses, you will find I wear a lot of styles of geeky glasses too.

Oh so many to pick from,which one to pick ?!?!

Oh and don't forget super cute Hello kitty bows that you can pick up too!
I need to get some nice Hello Kitty ones,I have many others ones but not many Hello Kitty bows!

Who would have thought there is so much Hello Kitty when it comes to Rings,Necklaces and Jewellery?!
Not forgetting that lush Handbag and super cute Fake glasses!
Do you have a must have item that is Hello kitty?!
what other Hello kitty things would you like to see on the Blog?
Would you like to see the other fashions and trends I like to wear?
Tartan- San

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