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Friday, February 8, 2013

New Hello Kitty's ready for spring

Hey every one, While I was hunting for some new Hello Kitty's, I came across a few that the brand TY will be releasing this year around spring time, Which is really exciting! (^_^) More to add to my collection!
So I though I would show you all the new ones that I have come across. I think they are due out about spring time which is well planned with the Easter themed ones below.

In the last post of valentines day I showed you one Kitty that am lead to believe is a 2013 release!
I have actually managed to get this one on a pre order! 
Instead of waiting for it to come into the shops.
She is way to cute with her bow and arrow and pom pom bow, The details on this one are really sweet,from the wings and the heart on the dress!
I cant tell from the photo is she is a shade of pink or not. Once I get my one I will be able to let you know if she is white or pink.

The other Kitty's I have found are these 2 cute Kitty's that are cosplaying as Easter Bunnies,The same style as the ones that came out a few years ago.( I have those two.)
These are the new colours in Purple and Blue.
Just in Time for spring!

Which one do you like? I think I like the purple one best!
The head bands with the ears are just so sweet!
But me, being me I will get both if I can.
Which one do you like best?

The other new ones I have found are this cute pink Cheer leader.
Teehee, I adore her cute cheerleader pom poms and her 'HK' on her outfit!
A very nice Hello Kitty touch.I think its a Glittery outfit it looks like it maybe a shiny dress material.

The other Kitty I have discovered that I really want for myself , She is way to cute! 
Is this Punk Rock Kitty!
Super Kawaii and looks like she is ready to rock and roll,  in that  Tutu. She looks so cool!
Check out the skull and detail on the outfit and her Emo like socks.
I love her so much.

I have got some more Hello Kitty discovery's to show you in the next few posts are you excited as I am?
Which Kitty's do you want to add to you collections?
I think I want them all.
Don't forget to follow the Blog by the way, That way you can keep up to date with everything Hello Kitty!

Till next time
Tartan- san
Chu ~

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