Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello Kitty Collecting- oh so Kawaii!

My Hello Kitty collecting started as a young girl, but it was not till I was earning my own money till I started to collect Hello Kitty.
As I have said , I mostly collect the plushes of Kitty. I do have other things likes of Hello Kitty Blankets, Cushions, Make-up,Bags,Stationary,Ear phones, Key charms,  the list goes on, and on, and on.

 I have a soft spot for the Kitty's that wear glasses, Don't you think she looks so stylish and classy?
Kitty's that are in in a other colour other than white are ones I like too,like the black ones.
I have 2 Black ones and a few all in pink, I hope I can get more!
Uh um I also like the ones where she Cosplay's too.

(^o^) I love my Mac 2009 Hello Kitty
I have lots of Kitty things.
You can even find Hello Kitty in my bathroom!
*Nod Nods*
I spend time looking to add to my collection,Looking for rare or hard to get hold of Plushes.I like to try and get them at a good price.I enjoy keeping a eye out in discount shops or even the children's section  for any surprise Hello Kitty's finds.

A photo of me with most of my Hello Kittys plushies.
Hello Kitty means a lot to me,She makes me smile and feel all cute when I cuddle up with the extremely large ones,I have 2 huge Hello Kitty's that take up all the room in my bed! (One sits on the floor at night.) I like how fashionable Kitty can be with her outfits and collaborations.

For all of you that took part in the give away on the fan page,well done for guessing I currently have approx 75+ Plush Hello Kitty's I am aiming to get my collection up to a goal of 100!
As I don't think I could house any more until I move to a bigger house but that has not stopped buying them
I have a lot on my wish list but it can be so hard to get some of the ones I want.
Maybe I could make a Hello Kitty room,Full of Hello Kitty!?

Hello Kitty is just so cute but some times I think Hello Kitty gets all the attention .So I went looking for her Twin sister Mimmy but I never found one,Instead last Christmas I got this Kawaii gift!
Mimmy is much more shy than Kitty,But I love her too.
She wears her bow on the other side compared to Hello Kitty and often it is a Yellow bow oppose to Kitty's Red bow
You don't see much Mimmy stuff.
Mimmy and Kitty set. <3
Would you like to see more of my Hello Kitty collection?
What do you like to collect that is Kawaii?


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