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Kawaii Blush

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Kawaii Dolls- who also love Hello Kitty

Hello every one, How are you fans doing to day?
I have a nice treat and a change of Kawaii for you all some Kawaii dolls.
I was not very into dolls before, but after seeing some Kawaii images of dolls on the internet.I had a change of heart.
The dolls that captured my heart, are the Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD's for short ).
They are so Kawaii *sqeeee*.
These dolls come in all shapes and sizes and they have joints that you can move to put the doll into a very cute pose,Its like a new world of Kawaii waiting to be explored.
Last year I finally saved up for my very first doll. She came as a set, So I did not need to do to much to her apart form buy a few outfits for her to wear.
I called her Mimmy,she is a Hujoo Baby 'Is' sculpt.
I like her because she is very tiny making it easy to store her away when I am not using her.
So I thought I would share a few photos of her with you.
As she is a Hello Kitty fan.

Hello kitty yummy food.
mwha- chu. Mimmy loves her Hello Kitty dress.
Mimmy is also the name of Hello Kitty's Twin sister and I though it was a cute name to call my doll. I have bought her some cute outfits and some mini items for her to pose and play with.
They are just like tiny children.
Mimmy didn't need much done to her and I found myself looking at other Hujoo's. 

Mimmy has her very own Hello Kitty toy.

Hello Kitty yummy bread.
Mimmy got a new dress its got Hello kitty's twin sister on it!
After joining a few doll groups , I found myself getting a plain empty doll from a seller.
The dolls look so strange with no eyes or hair,because this one has no face-up ( Make up features.) 
She looks very bare. So until I have worked on her face up I will not post any photos up.
But I can tell you her new eyes are Brown and her hair is Auburn, She is going to look so pretty one she is done, Well that's if I do not mess up her face-up.
I wanted her to look different from Mimmy, since she is blonde and blue eyes and I still need to pick a name I have had a few ideas but I really cant pick one until I have done her face-up and pieced her together.

Do you have any Dolls?
Are they BJD's or a different Kind?
I would love to see them !
I hope that I can Post up new photos of my other doll but till then here is a nice photo of Mimmy in the snow!

Tartan -san


  1. sorry but i find dolls verry creeeepy!!

  2. Aw, I think they are very cute, but when they have no eyes they can look a bit creepy ^_^


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