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Kawaii Blush

Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring time Cute Hello Kitty

Hi-Hi Kawaii Blush Fan's.
Yay its almost the weekend! 
Do you have anything planned?
I have some family up to visit- I wonder what they will think of my growing Hello Kitty collection...
( -_-' )
The other day was a nice sunny day and in the post finally I got my ordered Kitty - there was a mistake in my order and they sent me the wrong kitty ( ; ~ ; ).
Any how they corrected my order and I got the right one,She is really cute.

So with such nice weather I thought...Why not go outside and have a little picnic in the garden, In the end it ended up being Lunch in the garden and my daughter toy tea set  with us and the new Hello Kittys. After she of course, gave them a walk with her toy pram (^_^) Kawaii ne! After our Lunch we has some yummy snacks of cake and candy.

I think Hello Kitty looks quite happy in the photos that I took. He-he
Am in hope that come the better spring weather that I can get some more colour in my photos as none of the spring time flowers have budded much or blossomed yet. Flowers are so pretty but looks like am going to have to wait a little longer for those kind of Photos.

Here is a nice spring time image for you all! I love the green colours!

Hello Kitty Lamb outfit

Tea and Cake any one?
Nom nom nom's

Hello Kitty Bunny outfit.

Even my doll 'Mimmy' dressed up to join the Hello Kitty's and had a lovely time with lots of cake all round!
Every one cleaned their plates!

I think I should do this more often, even if Hello Kitty stole a few cakes off the plate when I was not looking!
Maybe it can inspire you to do a Hello Kitty theme lunch outside some time, I bet yours would look much better than mine!
Which Kitty do you like best? The Hello Kitty dressed as a Lamb or a Bunny for spring time.
I think Hello Kitty would be a great  Easter Bunny!.
Till next time.

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  1. 0my fav. is hello kitty and i want to have a collection of hello kitty but i dont have a lot of many to buy it but i have some collection like stickera,bag,pillow, pillow case,ballpen,notebook,toys, keyboard and bed sheet all of this but i dont have a room or whatever


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