Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let Kitty take care of your phone!

Hello Everyone! How are my Kawaii Blush Fans today? Are you ready for some Kawaii items that will not  only make your phone look cute, but also keep it cute when you put it to one side when you are not using it!
KAWAII! (^_^)v What a cute idea right? I would love to add theses to my phone! My phone is so dull- it only has a case Hello Kitty cover.

I love these dust plug accessories for phones they are just so cute to use and so easy to change them over to give your phone a new look when ever you want (>.<) Kawaii!

 Not only that, nothing beats storing your phone, in the most kitty-tastic way! These are the most cutest looking phone holders - I have ever seen!  They are like little cubes of hello kitty's face, Where you place your phone in them, sqwwwee! I could die of Kawaii- overload!

They so far come in White or in the baby pink..aah so cute! I would want to have more than one,just cause they are too cute! 

I also found this its like a Hello Kitty touch pen to plug in and make it easy to write or tap in your text or use your phone in Kitty-tastic style, I think she is dressed as pink bear or mouse?!
Maybe you want to listen your tunes and music with your phone and don't you hate it when the wire gets all tangled up and in knots...
Well this cute Kitty cable tidy will save you the hassle and time trying to undo all those knots and twists!

Too cute! (^_^)v

Last but not least, are these other Phone holders but they are actual Hello Kitty is  holding your phone.

She is all adorable!

You simply place your phone in the hands of Kitty chan and she will sit looking after and guarding your phone while you get on with other things. I love her Leopard print style bow she looks so stylish and Kawaii!

What products do you like the best,What Phone item do you want? I love the phone holders cause they are so kawaii!


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