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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tartans Top picks form Sanrio!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's and Kawaii Kitty  fans!
Hope every one is ready to see my 1st tops of my favourite top picks from Sanrio!  (^_^)v


I thought it would be a fun way of picking out some items form Sanrio and showing you the newest and coolest items that I think are so Kitty-tastic! Cause I know how much you all loved Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty products!  woo! (>_<)
And since Hello Kitty's home is Sanrio then, That is the best place to find up to date new items and upcoming news!!
Cool, huh? So every so many weeks I will show you my top picks of Hello Kitty goodness.
Lets check out  Tartans Top 5 Picks! Hello Kitty Style (^_^)v Hai hai!

Check out these super stylish and really cute Roller skates?! I cant skate myself but I love the retro style of the old classic looking Hello Kitty and the classic colours, Theses are well worth being in my top picks this week! Kawaii!!

Check out this new umbrella - its been raining a lot today so this would have brighten up the gloomy mood with this adorable umbrella.
The thing about this one is I love the fact its clear and you can see through it, That way you can watch the rain drops fall from the sky from above ! Also the Design is a very clean and cute  image with also looks very mature!

The other item that has made it to my Tartan Top Picks is this cute and sweet Phone charm !
Not only will Hello Kitty look so so cute and Kawaii looking after your phone she is also a Phone Screen cleaner too! (*^_^*) Whoa! What a Cleaver Idea!

This item here is a summer themed and flower back pack! I think it looks stunning! (^3^)/ I love flower print on the bag with all the pink touches, And its Summer Hello Kitty with her sun kissed Sun tan this would be great for a day at the beach or a holiday trip! Kawaii ne!

Last but not least is this cute Alarm Clock- heehee . I just have to say I think is looks so cool, and bubbly!
I think this one is on sale but I love the contrast of plastic and then her Ears and Red Bow are soft plush material!

I hope you like my Tartan Top Picks this week!
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