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Kawaii Blush

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Maid Haul

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Hello Kitty lovers.
I  have a new Haul of Hello Kitty themed goodies, I adore the idea of Hello Kitty being a maid she looks so cute in a maid outfit and I think pink cosplay maid outfits are adorable!
I hope to put together a Hello Kitty maid outfit together for a upcoming MCM event in Scotland later this year but I don't want to give to many details away hehe!
But since thinking of this and my found-ness of wearing aprons and pinnys while doing house work or serving tea and cakes to avoid getting my tops and dresses dirty hehe! I caved in and got some Pinny's from a shop called Harrods.

I got them via a Ebay seller who will go to Harrods for you and then you pay them to get the stuff and send it to you! (^_^)v cool right?! There is many kinds of Shopping services like this around the world just like what We do at J-Grab!

So Lets see the items I got  to transform my self into a Hello Kitty Maid hehe!
The 1st thing is I caved into buying myself a Kawaii Harrods Plush  I wanted to show you the cute details on her!

The 'H' on the bow is the H from Harrods

She holds a cute Heart .
(^_^) chuu!

She is so cute!
But here is the Apron and Half pinny that I ordered  that I like to wear around the house when am busy with chores and cleaning!

It has a Hello Kitty head ,Hearts and the 'H' Harrods logo in the print with a heart on the chest part

A small pocket too!

Hello Kitty matches in so well!! Naww Kawaii!

This is the Half/ waist Pinny that you tie on its more of a princess style very Kawaii!

A close up of the Pockets

Princess Kitty and her Princess Puppy!
Too cute!

So much Pink! Kawaii!

It has the crowns and Hello Kitty in the Print with 2 pockets I think this maybe what I use in my maid cosplay.

This is the plush that has inspired me for these cute Kawaii Maid Kittys.(>.<) She is so adorable!
These are a few other Kawaii Maid kitty and Sanrio things that have inspired me teehee!

These are just so Kawaii!
What Kind of Dress up Kitty do you like, I think she makes a Cute Maid!
I cant wait to get my maid outfit!

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