Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Friday, July 12, 2013

Give away time!

Hello Kawaii Blush and J-Grabbers!
Its already that time ....Give away time ! 
I hope you are all ready for this! To Celebrate our Facebook page getting over 500K Fans- WOAH!!!
We wanted to treat you all with some goodies.
What we ask you to do is simply load up a photo of your Hello Kitty's.
The rules are simple.
Upload and Share your photo to the J-Grab fan page and this page only.
There will be 3 winners this time. 
It will not matter how many Kitty's  or Kitty items you have may it be one or lots, Just submit your own Hello Kitty photo. 
Winners will be picked July 31st.

Want to see what you might win?!
You will win all the way from Japan... form the following List.

1. Hello kitty 🎀 big size ribbon  (size: 50cm x 20cm)
2. Hello kitty face couch  (size: 40cm x 10cm)
3. Hello kitty deluxe blanket with kitty bag  (size: 90cm x 60cm)

Wow ... take a look!

Am so jealous of the prizes!!
 I would love that Red bow cushion its so Kawaii!!


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  1. I've entered a photo onto the J-Grab Facebook Page, but i'm not sure how to upload my photo to this blog (unless I only need to upload it on one of the pages)o.o
    ~staykawaii ^_^


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