Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Dream Hello Kitty!

Hello every one! How are you darling Kawaii Blush fans today!? I really hope you are all well and having a wonderful day!
So over in San Diego was a comic convention, This convention had the back up and support from Sanrio, They created many new things for Hello Kitty and this Convention, I didn't know about this convention and had no hope of a ticket or let alone getting to the USA. The ties of being a mummy!
Any way I have been watching all the up-dates and information coming from the internet, following the companies that are helping out and or taking part and am so sad am missing out. Because of the whole Hello Kitty stalls and events!

''Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland” will be making its debut appearance at Comic-Con International: San Diego this year. Open to the public at the Interactive Zone at Petco Park, this whimsical Hello Kitty retail hub will brilliantly bring Japan’s energetic pop culture to life. Fans will be treated to a colorful, anime-rich experience that will include fun activities, limited edition products, and special appearances by Hello Kitty. Colorfully styled from head to toe, Hello Kitty’s band of Lolitas will cheerfully greet and guide fans through the experience.

 Fans can also explore the pop-up shop offering a mix of event-only and limited edition Japanimation-themed collectible Hello Kitty items including the first-ever Hello Kitty graphic novel by VIZ Media, highly exclusive plush, apparel and accessories as well as a special collectors’ pin set. 
Comic-Con badge holders can visit “Kitty-chan Secret Space” inside the San Diego Convention Center for even more Hello Kitty fun! Thursday, July 18th - Saturday, July 20th 9:30AM-7:00PM Sunday July 21st 9:30AM-5:00PM Free at Comic-Con Interactive at Petco Park.''

As I watch the images and products get released on the internet - I sit there Dreaming of that plush of Hello Kitty in musical wonderland!
She is so pretty and Kawaii!
I love the design and style of her!

I love the outfit she has on, its like a pink version of Alice in wonderland with hint of a maid outfit with the apron on her dress, Its her hair and the bright colours I have fallen in love with.
She reminds me of the ''Kawaii range'' Collection which I also adore so much. I spent so long hunting down the plush to get and I have just finally ordered the last one I need for the collection!
As soon as I saw this image I hoped that they would be making a plush of this design...

Well you Kitty fans can only but take my word for it but when I saw this image on the internet I was so excited!
 I am so gutted I will not be able to get to hug this Hello Kitty at the Convention, I am secretly in hope that they will sell her at the sanrio websites, I never have wanted a Hello Kitty as bad as this as this is just such a 'me' style!(TT^TT) I want it so bad. I am willing to save all my moneys to buy her if they do release her for sale! Maybe I should watch Ebay!
I adore this so much its really funny as with me working on my cosplay of Hello Kitty - which is almost complete! these outfits look exactly the same!!  which is like WAAH!! KAWAII DESU DESU! Cause I will match her,am even doing my hair like her too.
You have to admit that, is one Stunning plush its one of my dreams to own this darling!
Ahh Kitty chan ...


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