Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lots of Neon Colours!

Hello Kitty Kawaii Blush Fan's How are you all today?Did you all have a nice weekend?
I have had a lovely weekend enjoying the summer weather its been soo hot hot hot!
 Remember  last month I showed you a few new products from Sanrio that are in the Neon colour range,They were very cute and bright looking? Well I have found more items added to that range yay!
I bet you want to see them.
They looks so cool  Waahh I want it all!!!
I love the fact it is all on a black background making Hello Kitty and the Neon colours stand out like magic!

This Lunch bag is so cute (^_^) It looks like a great size for pacing a yummy lunch! *nom nom nom* Looks so stylish and Kitty-tastic!

How sweet is Kitty looking with a cute and colourful outfit?! I love the Star on her foot!  Heehee!

There is a few styles of back packs to pick form I the full body of cute  hello kitty is the one I think is adorable . right?!

Loving the Kawaii massager style bag- its just so sweet! Great for school and for shopping too!

There is a lot of stationary items too, but which one to pick - its just so hard to pick one item from all of this. *sobs* 

WAAH one pen but many colours to write in, so Kawaii!!

Lots of pens and crayons for Arty projects!

You can also get a matching folder to display all your home work or projects - maybe you will turn it into a dream folder and write down the goals and Kitty tastic dreams you all have!  What a great Idea!

Dont forget to buy a case holder/case for holding all your Hello Kitty supplies to!
They are so Adorable and full of Kitty goodness!
Which ones and products do you like the best?I really cant pick which ones I would want to have myself!
Till next time

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