Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tartans top Picks

Hello Kawaii Blush fans! How are you all today? Have you entered in for our give-away yet? Don't forget your chance to win some Kitty-tastic goodies! We love getting your entry's in- Kawaii (^_^) Yay and have any of you tried our App called ''Kitty Kraze''?! We would love your feed back and reviews!
This week am going to show you my top kawaii picks from Sanrio- yay! this is so much fun hehe!
This weeks top picks are not just Hello Kitty either, we have other sanrio friends of hers to join in the fun! Kawaii! \(^_^)/

So yea, Lets check them all out! weee!Let's go!
These are some of  the goodies I have found.
Your love these if you like the Nerd and cute side of hello kitty!

Here is my top pick of the Hello Kitty plush where Hello Kitty is wearing a cute pink Tartan dress and bow with her black Nerd style glasses. How cute is she?

My other top pick this week is Kuromi as a nerd too! I love her pink Glasses and that her hood has the touch of the tartan on her hood. She looks like a little darling!

As you can see I have picked the nerd range from sanrio as they are just so cute! I am in love with this Chococat! I think its its the over sized red nerd glasses that makes chococat look so cute.Teehee!
Chococat also has a cute Red Tartan Scarf on!

The other sweetie is My Melody, who has joined in with the Nerdy look too!
I think she really suits the glasses! She seems not to have any Tartan on?! They also are selling a non Tartan Hello Kitty too, I wonder if all the characters will get glasses or/ and Tartan pieces of style added to them?
What do you think,Do these adorable plushes look good in the Nerdy look?Or do you think it has been over done? Which Plush do you like out of Hello Kitty and Friends?
Tell me what you think!
Hai Hai


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  1. I personally prefer the whole, the bears are too cute! I would like to know where we purchased little?


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