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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tartan's Birthday

Hello Kawaii Blush buddies and cutie pies! 
I hope you are all feeling cute and wonderful and Hello to any of our new followers and liker's. Have you been doing anything nice of late?! I have been so busy and enjoying the nice summer weather! 

But that will not stop me checking out all the Hello Kitty goodies that are out there for you so please look out for new posts!

(^_^)v I do want to show you me new Hello Kitty plush dolls that I have got in the post- am still waiting on so many to come!As it was my birthday last week! 

"Happy Birthday Tartan-san.''
Would you like to see them? I bet you guys already have theses ones! (^_^;)

Some Old style looking Hello Kitty's.

Cute right? I love the 35th Anniversary Kitty's. They are my most liked colours pink and purple!
Would you like to what else I got for my birthday?

I got the last of the collection of 2 more Hello Kitty momiji dolls!

Lots of Japanese Candy! yummmy yummy! (nom noms)

Indoor Hello Kitty shoes/slippers! Kawaii! theses are so comfortable and nice to wear with and with out socks on.

This was a gift that I got too, its a sleepy Hello Kitty, teehee soo cute! I like to keep her on my bed, so it is like she is sleeping all the time (Giggles)

This box here came from one of my Hello Kitty friends- WOW I was so shocked at all these goodies! I've been wearing the earrings and the top that was in this parcel!
I also go a bit of Cake, in fact it was 2 cakes!
My family got me one hehe and so did my mother! Aww so sweet of them, I got lots Cards and Letters form all my pen pals and each of them was so sweet to send me birthday wishes!
I also got some extra birthday money to spend which I went and bought some more plush Kitty's and 2 summer cute dresses! I had a lovely day!I got lots of new blog posts coming really soon so do not forget to follow the blog to keep up with the best and most Hello Kitty Kawaii blog!

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