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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello Kitty in Hong Kong

Hello Kawaii Blush fans, As you know I love to find out all about news around the world when it comes to hello kitty!
I found this come up in my Kitty-tastic news feed! Its a huge and so so cute display found in Hong Kong Mong Kok shopping complex, Hello Kitty has so many fans around the world!! 
Last time they had a display of Hello Kitty in London in 2011?! WOW how cute  I wish I could have seen this with my own eyes.

Look at such a great display, Right!
Well the new display is a really cute one and its based on going back in time to the 1960's in china!

This is just so cool, oh why can we not have anything over here as Kawaii as this?

The display has many iconic themes and  items from that!

The display is called Hello Kitty Under Lion Rock.

They even made the Rock of a lion into Hello Kitty-Wah?!
Here is Dear Daniel helping at the Harbour for The Starr Ferry! So cute in his sailor outfit! (^_^)v

Hello Kitty in a Pretty Chinese outfit and matching accessories at the Train Station , Not only will you find dear Daniel and Kitty you will also find some of there friends in this great display! 


There is even a aeroplane above you, yes you can walk though this display!! There is a lot of history being displayed here,I am sure a Google search would give you all the information! I think this is such a cool thing ever!

Kitty looks like a great Flight attended! I love the outfit she is wearing!

Hello Kitty helping out in a Chinese Restaurant.WOW I love all the details from the windows with bows to the food on the trays! What you serving up Kitty? Its its some Tea? 

From this photo you can see the real size of the Display! wow! They are so big, so cute and so kawaii

In 1960's a Camera was a luxury item, look at Kitty posing with Dear Daniel taking her photo,yes you can even look through the camera eye piece to see what photo image will come out!

Wow so colourful! Hello Kitty taking part of a Chinese opera! 

Kitty's outfit is adorable!

What do you think of this display,would you want to see it with your own eyes? I sure would, Looks like Magic!  I bet you could get alot of Kitty shopping done at the same time!


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