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Monday, July 8, 2013

Dreaming of a Kitty House

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's and J-grab Hello Kitty lovers!
How are you all today -I hope you have all had a cute and Glittery weekend.
(^_^)v Guess what!
Today its my Birthday!
\(^_^)/ Yay.

I must apologise for my absence! I have not been blogging as much as I can (T^T) Gomen nasai ! 
I have been very busy. Some of you may know that I am selling my house that I live in and hope to move to a bigger city.As am in a very small town and I have out grown it. Also there is not very much Kawaii or much Hello Kitty here!! So I have been showing my house off to others to buy and Looking at new houses.
I also got wondering if it was possible to find a cute house like what Hello Kitty would live in.
Id love to live in a house like Hello Kitty- would that not be just so cute and adorable?

Could you see your self in a house like this?
Okay this one here is a model from Puroland in Japan but its so cute the details on the bricks and the lace like finishings oh and but of course the cute Hello Kitty decorations on it.

This seems to be a real life size house, I for one think is so cute!
From the bows on the outside of the house to the cute white fence in the shape of Hello Kittys face and bow! And its in the cutest looking pink shade ever too.

Wow its so kawaii!
I wonder if I could have a house like this? I would love just to spend some time in this house its just magic!
There is also a Green one if Pink is not your colour!

Am not keen on the Green shade but It would be great if a other Kitty fan would be living next door hehe!
Too cute!
I can only but dream of a real Hello Kitty house but that will not stop making the insides very kitty, Right!

(>.<)Maybe something like this hehe?!
Or more like this...

Who else would like to live in a Hello Kitty House too?
I bet they would be so much fun!
Well am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday and have some Hello Kitty Cake.

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