Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tick Tock Kitty!

Hello Kawaii blush fans and kitty craze lovers!I hope you are doing something nice and kitty-tastic, Did you enjoy my last post of the kawaii musical wonderland Kitty post that is just so colourful and cute,Am yet to find one of those Plushes for myself yet!
However I have come across a bunch of brand new shiny looking Watches by Sanrio online and they are very pretty ones indeed.I really can no wait to show these stunning watches with cute Hello Kitty designs and styles!(^_^)v Yay Teehee!

This is one of the mature looking watches with a simple  design but in the face its pink and has tiny pattern of Hello Kitty's Face and her bow!

 This is a square shaped face watch with a two tone bracelet,its very mature for us older fan's and instead of numbers it has hearts inside the face,with Hello Kitty in the middle! Too cute!

Here is a baby pink watch cicrle shaped watch with looks so trendy and cute, with lots of detail within the face with lots of little bows and with a 3d effect of pink cute-ness 
 I think this is so sweet and princess looking! Check out those sparkles on the watch too!

This is a super cool looking white watch with the same style as the one before there seems to be lots of colour inside the face of the watch and has those cute sparkly gems around the face too! I love this cool style , Its very funky looking too!

Here is a other stunning looking watch with has a leather style fitting and the 
 face has lots more detail- I think it is cause its very big in side and has the ''time'' in a small section of the face, this makes this look more decorated looking,It has a elegant looking colour way of pink and black with a darling Hello Kitty in the design too! Wow \(^0^)/

There is even a pink and Rose themed style too- aww its so cute!

This white one looks so charming , I really cant pick as they look oh so lovely and enchanting! I wish I could try them all on and see what they look like up front and to the real eye! I bet they are just beautiful! 
Which ones do you like the best?

Till next time!


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