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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Ty Hello Kitty's New 2013

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's, How are you all, Have you been up to anything nice or made any Kitty-tastic plans?
Have you bought any new Hello Kitty things?! It can be so hard to keep up with all the new released items.
I  have some images of the new TY brand X Sanrio Hello Kitty beanies! (^_^)v
They are so cute I cant wait to let you see these! As far as am aware some are already out and ready for buying !
Kawaii!! So lets have a little look at these cute Kitty's! Yay!

This is the Ice cream Hello Kitty I love her cute pink dress that has colourful sprinkles on her dress and bow and look at the tiny and yummy looking Ice cream that is in her hands/Paws. owo I think she is so sweet that I could eat her up!

The other Kitty is a pretty sea mystical magical mermaid.She looks so enchanting and cute with a foil shiny scale like tail and bow and a pastel dye body!  She looks a little odd but so cute! Hai! I think that's why I like her so much!

The other Kitty-Chan is this cute yet wild safari  sweetie!
Here is Kitty in a yellow and paw print dress with matching bow. CUTE! With her new little monkey friend with her! awww!

The other beanies will not be released till autumn/Halloween and near winter time for Christmas
I love the Halloween one hehe soo spooky and kawaii at the same time.

Hello Kitty is also dressed as a Snow man and Mrs Santa! (^_^) Soo sweet, I also love the one in pink with those love heart shaped frames she is wearing hehe!
How funky is that?! She looks a bit like retro in her style with those Glasses and print outfit! so cute.
I am looking forward to seeing these in the shop's I wonder which ones I will buy?

Which one do you like the best and do you collect all the TY brand Hello Kittys? I have a fair few of them as they are so affordable! I hope they make a big version on the Mrs Santa one for Christmas!


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