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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello Kitty and Weddings

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's and Kitty lovers!
How are you all today?
I am feeling very romantic and loved up today! Maybe because I was looking at some Hello Kitty Plushs sets of Kitty and Dear Daniel,They are so cute together!
Which got me looking at so many Hello Kitty wedding things,from Wedding cakes to Dresses there is so much Kawaii Stuff that I wanted to share it all with you as its all adorable!
And all very Kitty-tastic!

So lets have a look at these things. Teehee (^_^)v

I found this ornament of the lovely couple its so mature and cute looking it would look lovely in a newly weds home! Don't you think?

Here is a western style wedding couple of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel,They look soo cute and adorable!
(^3^) How stunning is Hello Kitty's Dress!?! so pretty.
I also came across some stuff that you would need for the big day! Some of this is over the top with Kawaii and sparkles but my kitty goodness its all wow!

What a pretty ring! So cute same its not a real Diamond and only a CZ stone hehe!
Still is very full of sparkles.
Modern looking Wedding bands with Hello Kitty on them so cute and simple!
Of course we can not forget about the dress!
There is a crazy amount of Kitty themed Dresses!

You can even make your own style of flowers on your wedding day with Plush soft toys or get Hello Kitty flowers! KAWAII! Too cute!

Here is a sample of what kind of Hello Kitty Wedding Cakes that can be made- am sure the sky is the limit when it comes to making a Hello Kitty cake it was hard to pick which photos so show you all! But this cake looks so cute and Kitty-tastic!

It even has Pastel flowers  looks like something out of a Fairytale!
Just wow! \(^o^)/ I love the fact Kitty and Daniel are on the top looking like a Princess and her Prince Charming- so sweet!

But what if you really wanted to make an impression on your wedding date like this couple did, who invited not just Hello Kitty but had Dear Daniel at the wedding too!!!

How cute is that!
So have I giving you all some ideas and inspiration?! I hope I have!
so cute!


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