Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day Trip with the fish

Today I went out with my family,We went to a lovely sea-life centre.One I had not been to before,We took Chibi Bean ( My daughter by the way.)She has never been to a sea-life centre before.So this was a great treat for us all.
We went to the sea life centre in St Andrews.a city near the coast and seaside .I took this as my chance to find some Kawaii creatures, I love all creatures big and small but I thought we would only have to come face to face with pretty little fish..... But NO (-A-') There was some really ugly looking ones !
We met some other creatures I was not expecting  too. (n.n)
What to see?
Okay then!
*Photo overload warning*

Coral and underwater plants.

I can not remember its name but it was rather stunning looking


Oh so pretty.
I adore the clown fish they are so Kawaii and pretty looking.lots of fish to be seen.
We also met these cheeky little cuties who were very friendly and not camera shy!

I love how they were all giving each other cuddles on the long,under the heated lamp.
So sweet.
Here are some other things I found while looking around.

Its only a model one

My, My what big teeth you have!

(Sorry for the bad photo!)

Seals playing in the water outside.

The seals were so cute to watch but the wind was so strong that I felt like I was being pushed about.
We also found lots of snakes, frogs , newts, and glow in the dark bugs
All and all it was a fun day out,lots to see and my self well, am a big kid at heart so took every chance to take a silly photo of the model sharks, whales, and squid models with me.
But the photos did not come out well due to the dark lights.
Maybe next time I will have a really good camera to get some more fun photo's!
Hope you enjoyed the photo's too.  
Till next time.


(I have the feeling that something is behind me?!)

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