Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitty Calenders

Hello Kawaii blush lovers! How are all you cute Kitty fans today .I really hope you have all been shopping for some kitty-tastic items and products. I  have been busy and keeping my 
eyes peeled for all thing Kitty and very cute! I found these adorable Calendars they are the most sweetest looking ones I have ever seen! I wish I could get such nicest ones over here in the UK but they look a bit too child like! I have spied a Sticker reward chart for my daughter - yes not for me this time so , I will have to pick up next time at the shops!

Check out the inside its super cute!

There is different sizes this one above it the biggest size and I love the look of the Month of March so pretty, How cute would this be on our walls, Right?

There is also a smaller one that is also so cute, I really like the soft colours on the pictures.

There is also a cute note book style Diary it seems to be in the same cute style and colour and the inside is just as pretty looking as the outside!

How cute looking is Kitty dressed as a bunny? teehee 

There is also a smaller style to the note book, This one you could put into your bag and have with you all the time.

I like the way it has been made with the band to keep you on the right day and the cute kitty's found here and there inside!
With all of these you will be on time,on the right days and be super organised!
This would come in handy so much... hmm I may just have to get  my own paws on them, I think it do not help that they are too cute.
These would be handy for school and homework,  as well!
Ah so pretty ! Which ones do you like the best, I think the wall ones are great for bedrooms and  the one to pop into my hello kitty hand bag will be picked right away hehe!!

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