Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

busy day

Hello Kawaii Blush fans, my my 
a very Kawaii and Kitty-tastic treat for you you all!With School terms coming quicker than you all think I found some very cool Kitty items that you can use but not just for school but of other stuff too! How Cool and Cute right?!I am so in love with this new stuff . (^_^) Its got a simple idea but a busy one behind it!
Hello Kitty's busy Day Range is just so cute! N'awww! I really like the colours and style.

And who can not refuse such a cute back pack,Its just so busy and Kitty-tastic. I really think this bag is a eye catcher with such great colours!

Don't forget about your messager style shoulder bags,again this is just so stylish (^_^)/

Even this more casual style looking bag really has a lot to show with the pattern,I hope that if I keep looking at it I will not get a headache 

Of course you will want to  keep the theme with adding these for too!
This is just a cute notebook with the same pattern and it would be great for school or writing
down notes from your meetings, Right?

Dont forget to get the matching pen that is a 4 in 1 with the colours- how cute and handy this is. Aww its just so cool and it all matching.Which tickles me pink of Kawaii-ness!

Maybe there is to much of this print for you to hand so many a new pencil and pen case will cure your hello kitty cravings!  teehee!Can you see yourself getting any of the Busy day range? Will you be buying for you or for school? I think it would be cool to match with all your friends with the note books and such. Its so bright and cheerfull. I think it would make you smile every day seeing these items!
Let me know if you do get any and post them to the J-Grab fan page and share them on the wall every one!!


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