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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the Hello Kitty X Ugly Dolls

Hello Kawaii blush fan's! 
How are you all today? Have you been doing anything fun or planned anything nice? Today is very gloomy and rainy.So I guess I will not get to enjoy some nice sunny time in the garden. (T^T) Oh well. I guess  , I will just have to show off these Comic con Limited Ugly Dolls collaboration with Hello Kitty with you all!

So These dolls were at the Comic con in San Diego in July, there was quite a lot of Hell Kitty going on at that event. I saw that these were on ebay very quick for re selling as well as the other Japanaimation range, but don't worry you can buy both ranges at sanrio! Yay!

At first looks of these dolls, I was not to keen on them but then I noticed that they had faces,so it was like Hello Kitty was Cosplaying which sort of made me change my mind.
Lets have a good look at these new Kittys toys!

Check out this orange Plush doll. which is called Wage,Wage is a hard worker and likes to get all work done!

Meet Ox,This Plush is also a hard worker and a  clever entrepreneur.Who likes to make a Profit! Look at those floppy ears!

This cheeky looking one is called Trunko! And Trunko loves to have fun and even more fun if you take him home with you! Kawaii! I love the colour of this one!

And finally last but not least this is Ice-Bat.Ice Bat is so cool that everything he touches turns to Ice!!! Cool or what!
I think ,I like the bat like one the best maybe is  due to those cute wings and silly looking face and big eyes?But I do like the Green one too! One of our J-Grab fans said the ones with ears look like My Meldoy! I think they do in a way. Kawaii ne!
I think it would be nice to have them as a set. which ones do you like best?

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