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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello Kitty toy machines

Hello Kawaii Blush fans!
How are you today? Did you have a great weekend. Did you do anything nice or have anything planned?
My weekends are used up with de-cluttering and boxing things up. Boo  Its not much fun at all! But I do have something really fun to show you today! Very sun indeed! Teehe I cant wait to share these with you.
I used to play these as a small little girl and most of the time my own Dad would spend lots of money and time on these machines to win me some Kawaii toys and soft plush toys too!!  I used to get so excited watching him try his best to win ,As I got older I started to learn how to win from these machines that grab the toys.
 But I had no idea that you could get Hello Kitty ones!!
Not only are there Hello Kitty ones there seems to be lots of them all over the place.

What you do is guide the Grab machines arm to grab or catch the prizes!
They are so much fun!

Some of them look so easy but I bet they are hard to win.I think there is more of these that what the UK has as I only seem to find them at fun fairs or at entertainment places.
So unfair I think there should be lots more for fun!

You can find so many styles and Kitty items inside are any of you really good at these games?

I really can not believe my eyes that you can get Hello kitty only ones  Its like fun time Hello Kitty heaven!

I love the decorated machines with Hello Kitty all over them! I think I would end up spending to much time playing these to collect all the Kitty's inside to then send them to all my friends!(^_^)v teehee!

Don't all these Kitty's inside look soo cute!?
I think they are all calling out to us try and grab one to take home !
Do you have any of these near you? I would love to see your photos of the machines and if you have one any prizes too!!


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