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Monday, August 12, 2013

Shopping and Kitty Car accessories

Hello Kawaii Blush cutie pies! How are you all ,Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you had a great one!
I went shopping but was not hello kitty shopping...okay I tried not to buy anything Hello Kitty..But I bought 2 necklaces and a bunch of pins badges heehee!
 Then I found a new cup and coaster for having my morning cup of tea in it and also some hello kitty snacks in a american style shop.I don't often venture into those sweet shops but I was after I saw they had hello Kitty candy...

I also love Hello Panda snacks too! 
Remember how I was going on about my Hello Kitty outfit? Well I have put it all together and here is the  result of it so far!

I think I may need to add some white gloves to the outfit and maybe a extra cute bow to the apron? Do you all like it. I will post more photos of it when its complete with the gloves and extras. Which will not be long away as the event is next month. eek! So I had to buy a cute back pack to go with it teehee!
Its a Hello Kitty plush style backpack. Its 2nd hand I think I will give it to my daughter once I have used it.

So todays post is all about very cute and Kitty-tastic car accessories, there is a few new ones pop up and around the internet and as so cute they make me want to learn to drive hehe!

This cute little car add on is a a car emblem she will look so cute on  your car,right?! 

I love this sun shade for putting in the window of your cars, the design is so cute!
And all so pink and I love strawberries teehee!

Looks at this stunning and simple Kitty Mirror for your car,I adore the bow and the small kitty detail on the mirror too!

You just have add a bit of air fresher hello kitty style! You can get so many styles of these

A very stylish simple and cute cushion to place in all the seats of your cars!
It looks like it is so comfortable.

How sweet is this steering wheel cover? I love all the little Kitty's all over it. Kawaii! (^_^)v
It looks like its super easy to make a car look very super cute with so much Hello Kitty stuff. Heehee
Do you have a Hello Kitty in your car?

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