Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Japanimation Hello Kitty!

Hello Kawaii blush fans!
Hope you are all doing well and keeping Kitty-tastic! But of course you all are!
We are busy at j-grab trying to bring you new ways of keeping in tabs with us,from Tartan-sans updates on all the kawaii Kitty-news and what you can get kitty wise with! So we are trying out Tumblr!

So today am watching new things pop up on the internet and its all about Japanimation X Hello Kitty!
This has to be my most loved range! How I long to have a just with such a Kawaii Hello Kitty plush! (^3^) She is so cute!  Am in love with her. teehee!
But there is also new items that have come out in this range that I just had to share with you all! Its super Kawaii!
Soo Lets check out all the new items!
I can't wait! teehee!!

A very handy and cute flask for keeping your drinks nice and warm! Yum!

This darling and oh so cute Hello Kitty Plug phone charm to show off your phone in the most adorable way ever!

A stunning coin bank that will brighten up any  room! I would buy 2 of these and turn them into book ends teeehee am I a clever bunny or what?! 

I love this Plush cushion,I really think its so cool bright and stylish like its come out of Harajuku!

This design is a bit of both Alice in wonderland and a hint of Lolita from the style.
I really love Kitty's new hair do! I think this figure is too cute!

A great and useful bunch of stickers with lots of kawaii images and bright colours-I am a lover of stickers,I will buy lots and lots even when I do not need them (^^')

This is a new Journal I have got my heart set on this for when I move house to keep in tabs with the family and important information!!

There is also this...KAWAII overload of style and fashion statement bag! Its so bright and wow!

Also you are going to need a matching purse to go with all of your new range from Japanimation!

Even a cute necklace! soo sweet!

And finally the Japanimation Comic that was sold at the SDCC event (Comic con in San Diego back in July).I would love to read this and see all the art I bet is so cute!
Teehee so am going to leave all of those photos here for you kitty fans to drool over and enjoy!
Am gona keep dreaming of that this Hello Kitty Plush- one day I will have her in my arms!


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