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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Hello kitty fan's. How are you all doing to day?
When I was shopping I did spy a shop that was selling some Vans, I do love a good pair of comfortable Vans on my feet! I don't mind the price because they last for so long and with the Hello Kitty collaboration with Vans is just so cute!  I much prefer the Hi top version of Vans as I think they just look super cool as the lower ones remind me of sand shoes or gym ones from when I was a kid - tee hee so I like the other ones.

I really would love to get some platform hi top sneakers some time, With being a small person extra hight would be nice,

I adore these pink ones I think its this the cute colour way of pink and white and the little bows are just so sweet looking.
I have a pair of the old style of Hello Kitty hi tops,I do love the new ones that have been out for a while know.right?

Here are the red ones which stand out with their red shade and white outline of cute little Kitty's all over the shoes.So Cute.

I love these in black with the grey outline but I really think the bow is so cool,Its big and its super sparkly looking and puffy tee hee! I know that sanrio have a sparkly bag on line would match this so well!

Know these hi tops are soo cute! I really love the pink and the plush of Hello Kitty on them! But I think they would look so cute with a simple and casual outfit!

These ones are also so cute! In a cute shade of Blue with lots of pictures of Hello Kitty on them and images of the town she lives in I think I can even see members of Hello Kitty's family! How cute!

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