Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for a Coffee or Tea?

Good morning Kawaii Blush fans,Today I hope you are all well and keeping Kitty cute!
I love to start the morning with a nice cup of Tea to help wake me up to take on a new day of discovering new kawaii things. As well as  Hello Kitty stuff !! 
I like to have milk and 2 sugars in my tea because I love sweet things!  I do like Green tea and other Healthy herbal drinks like peppermint ones. so yummy ne!
I saw these items pop up on the sanrio website and I like the busy day print its just so cute and they have
 added Hello Kitty's other friends to the prints.I love these Mugs to hold my own warm drinks they are so cute! I think these would make you smile every time you  make a nice drink.


The colours are so bright and cheerful. I love this Hello Kitty Mug, I like how Hello Kitty is very retro looking in style.

This is other mug has My Melody on it,I really like My Melody she is very sweet and cute,I like the pink colours of this mug, its to cute! 

The other mugs have the other characters from Sanrio likes of Tuxedo Sam  the cute little sweet heart penguin  the colours are so nice on his style and cup too.Pretty!! I just want to hug him!

This very very Green mug that looks like a spring time park is actually full of the adorable Sanrio character. 
   Kerokerokeropp is so cheerful looking,Right? 

And here is Badtz-Maru! He looks so cool and stylish, I also am a bit of a fan of him teeehee!
I think is her super cool spiky hair and the fact I also like Penguins. And his facial expressions are really funny looking and very cheeky too!!

Do you want one of these super cute mug's? I sure do! Way to cute not to get one of these. Teehee.
Which style do you like the best, I really can not pick between  My Melody and Hello Kitty, Its to hard to pick ne?!


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