Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tartan top picks!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's! How are you all today, I hope you are all very well and been busy with lots of nice things to do. Any of you got any new Hello Kitty stuff lately? Well maybe you will like my top picks of new Hello Kitty things from Sanrio. They have some really cute items and products,Its really hard to pick the ones I think are the best and most Kawaii. 

One item is this really cute back pack ,Great for school or for a sleep over its just so cute! It's got miss kitty on it waving, from what looks a lot like a very pink and cute Bus along with her friends.

Very sweet looking bag!
Talking of bags my next Top pick would be this lovely mature looking bag in a shoulder style with a big blue bow is this cute bag here.

Its so sweet looking with its white spots and blue quilted fabric.Very pretty 

The other product I have picked as a top pick is this item here,

Am not talking about the very cuddly looking plush teddys of Hello Kitty but the storage box, its a great place all your cute Kittys and kitty items! Not only that the fabric  and outside of the box has lots of details and images of Hello kitty on it! Sqweee, too cute. Perfect for any one who already has a Kitty themed room. Teehee! 
And Last but not least from my top picks! Would have to be this!

A very cute looking Sleepy Hello Kitty, I think she is a pillow style Kitty from the 'Cool' Range that features a Sweet looking Pastel blue Bird friend of Kitty's! She looks so cute together. N'aww I 
just want to give them a snuggle they are adorable. Kawaii ne?!
 I guess the plush will be the one I favour the most, That and the really cool storage boxes! What items do you like the best?!

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