Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tartans been adding to her collection!

Hello Kawaii blush fans! How are you doing today, I thought it would be nice to share with you all the newest Kitty items,That I have bought!

Am sure you will all adore the items too! Am still waiting to find some come in the post! Heehee. However I am trying very hard not to buy anything unless its shipping is very short as moving out day is creeping near and in a months time I will be off visiting Family! Kawaii! And there is a very small if no amount of Cute-ness and hello Kitty where am off too..Am not sure if I will be able to cope with this with moving as soon as I get back and the lack of Hello Kitty...I might just crumble into glitter dust.  Will I cope?!
Any how moving away from my Drama of no kitty- Maybe I should take a Kitty with me? But which one?
Lets check out my goodies of late! I've been saving them up to show you all!
Here is one of the cute Kittys I got, she ended up in a washing load of blacks...she came out the machine and was a shade of grey!

I used some whiter to bleach her back up to white!

 This Duo have been spilt up as I given one away to a friend as a Gift 
 She is one of my BFF Hello Kitty pals .
I hope she likes her.

Kitty loves to help me write to my pen pals!

I have lots of new Stamps to use on my letters and notebooks

I also got this Kitty with a K on her top,I think she is Dressed for school!?

I also got this duo,am lead to believe that this maybe Mimmy  and Hello Kitty!

A really fuzzy cute Strawberry Kitty. I love strawberries!

I fond by luck a matching Tan colour of Dear Daniel to match my sun tan Hello Kitty!

This is the complete set of the Kawaii Range of Hello Kitty's. They are so cool all together!

And finally 2 lovely Kimono Hello Kittys!
I adore the Kimono ones!

I have a other Kimono one on order , a new white fur Dear Daniel and I may have ordered a small My melody I think she is really cute and hop i can get one of each character from sanrio teehee.

How cute!!
Tartan Kawaii

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