Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunshine,Cameras and Hello Kitty

Hello My adorable cutie Kawaii Blush sweeties!
How are you all today?!
Am in such a good mood (^_^) The sun is out and nothing lifts your mood when the sun is shining high in the sky.
However that is not the only reason am in such a good mood and am getting a brand new camera today! My, Darling other half has got me a new one to use for family snaps, Blogging photos and for day's out and about.This weekend am not in Lolita (T^T) but that is okay. I did get to go on a nice walk with the family and we took lots of great photos. It's next weekend that am going to a local small convention where I hope I can be in Lolita and meet other Lolitas like myself .I will take lots of photos with my new camera its my mission is to find lots of Kawaii and show you when I get back! Hehe! How exciting right?
I cant wait till then!
I hope that my new camera will be my companion on my adventures  and that one day I will get to take great photos in Japan and meet Hello Kitty... *Day Dreams.* 
So how wants to see my new Camera then??
What a cutie and don't be fooled by the photo this little sweetie rather compact in size! Oh I cant wait to get my Hands on it and play!
Also I got a new haul of Hello Kittys- YAY!
I got some right adorable sweet hearts, They are so cool!
The company I got them form asked me to review them so I have done a video review on them so feel free to check it out on the Link  here.
I love them all so much here are some photos of them with my smart phone.

A new Tartan angel Kitty!

So much Kawaii!

Hello Kitty Goodies!

My love new stunning bag! Its so beautiful and omg... LOVE it so much!!
Its my dream bag!
I love me new bag its lush!
Hehe and my new Kitty's are just so sweet right!
I think my Handbag is  my prize and all time loved item that I own but I do love all of my Hello kitty Plushies!

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