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Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hello Kitty on phone-cover

Hey my Kawaii blush fan's!
So the contract on my phone is due to run out but the company am with have begged me to stay with them.Any way long story short am not getting to get a new phone. (TT^TT)

But I did get to give my new phone a bit of life by giving it a Kawaii make-over Tee-hee.
So after a nit of hunting I found a cover for my current phone and its know got Hello Kitty on it! Cool Huh?

But cause am not getting a new phone am looking at some cameras and such for talking photos for the Blog here and my personal one. Maybe even for filming my upcoming videos!

Which Dont forget to ask me your questions!
Yup! Feel free to send me your questions about everything and anything that you want to know about me! Once I have enough I can answer them in a video just for you! (^_^)
Any how going back to topic Hello Kitty and Phones.. 
I wanted to show you the phones covers that I found when I was hunting for my own phone some of them are so cute!

You can get simple ones

Decoden ones!

3D Hello Kitty in sparkles!

Even... A plushie phone cover!

How crazy is that!
What Kind of Kitty cover do you like best are you liking the simple ones or the bright and decoden Kawaii styles ?Do you have a Hello Kitty cover on your phone?
I just got a simple cover that is all in white to give my phone its make over.
Have any of you made your own phone covers?
Not only can you give a kawaii make over to your phones you can add lots of sweet little phone charms to the phones with ease and there are so many Hello Kitty ones to pick from. (^_^) I would not not where to start to even pick one for myself they are so so cute!
Till next time

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