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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Kitty Minecraft- Games!

Hello Kawaii Cutie-pies!
So am a huge Minecraft fan, its this game that I fell in love with that my friend introduced to me when it came out.Its a great online game that is very creative,its like a sand box type of game where you mine for things and build anything you want,Its great fun.However its not that very cute.But!
I started making a look into making it cute and with the help of the internet -found some great Kawaii Hello Kitty ideas! (^_^)v


The game can be customised very easy and its a lot of fun to play and you can play with others online with a sever too.Have any of you played it? I love to play it when I have some free time.
Making things is the fun part but here is a simple Hello Kitty image been made in the game. I made one like this before but there is lots of things that you can make and make cute.

The other thing you can change is how you look in the game,Some have made Cute outfits or 'Skins' that you can use.There are so much to pick from and you can even make your won if you have a lot of time on your hands.

You can find more anime and Kawaii styles but I really like these ones as Hello Kitty.

The other cool thing is you can change the look of the game the whole theme can be changed to something you really like.There are a lot of really cute texture packs that you can use. To make playing even more Kawaii and perfect for your Hello Kitty skin Character.

I love the candy and sweet themes you can get for the texture packs hehe!
Here are some cute screen photos of a texture pack that even shows the mods/ animals and other monsters in the game that have been turned into Super kawaii adorable cuties hehe!

This one is called High on sugar- which sort of sums me up at the best of times hehe!

I love how every thing is so pink- I think I will be downloading this Kawaii Texture pack hehe!
It looks so cute! I bet the boys on the sever that I play will hate it with passion when they see my screenshots in the group.
If am not using a Hello Kitty Skin I like to use a Sailor Moon one!
What games do you like to play!?

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