Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yummy Cake Hello Kitty.

Hello every one!
How are all you adorable Kawaii blush fans?
I have been baking again but I really wish that my cakes would look so cute and adorable.They never look that good (T^T)! My cakes don't look as great as the ones on the internet or those done by skilled and talented bakers.
However I do love to eat lots of yummy and pretty looking cakes, I am not a big fan of creamy filling cakes. Am happy with a plain cake with lots of sugar icing ,maybe a bit of Jam or butter icing - yummy its already making me feel hungry and my mouth water! (>_<).

Want to see some of the cute cake's I found on the internet that are making my tummy grumble of wanting to eat them all!

Oh look at those cute cupcakes too!

Nom Nom Nom if only my cupcakes looked and good as these cute cakes! I love the pink and white icing on the top .

Dont forget about pop cakes hehe!
They are so cool right?!

Oh and dont forget wedding cakes those cakes are the best type of cake and more so when they are huge!
As that means more cake for every one!

Oh wow these cakes look so good and kawaii- would you be able to eat these all up?!
Maybe they are just to cute to eat...I bet they all taste amazing!
There is so many kinds of styles know that I have seen all of these I would not know which one to pick.I bet they take a long time to make and design.
Do any of you like to make cakes and cupcakes.Have you ever made a Hello kitty style of cake. I have bought one or two before but they do not look as good as these cakes here. (T^T)
What kind of cake do you want? if you could pick any cake which one would you like for find on your birthday or as a kawaii treat?!


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