Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Kitty Snacks

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Hello Kitty lovers!
Tartan-san here!
How are you all doing? I hope that you are all well and feeling super Kawaii  Did you all have a lovely weekend and do lots of nice things? *^_^* 
I wore some cute outfits mostly Lolita but a casual outfit too but all weekend all I wanted to do is eat so much! I happen to have some pocky snacks and mikado sticks , I was super bad \(*0*)/ I been eating lots of cake and chocolate! AHH! Tartan-san is going to end up fat *Starts to do some sit ups!*
It also do not help that I got these yummy snacks in the post!
I love to get letters and gifts in the post!

So while I was eating like a Kawaii piggy at everything in sight I wondered what Hello Kitty Snacks you can get or find hiding in the web of the internet! I thought gee- they must have some Kawaii Hello Kitty snacks, right?! Well I found LOT'S and LOT'S! (*^*) How on earth can you not give in and eat all of this! Oh MY KAWAII!!!!
I have to admit my  Japanese is very limited, so I can only guess what these snacks 
AWW strawberry Hello Kitty Pocky! I love these! ( I have had some,I got my hands on some from a online Asian store!)

I do not know what they are but it looks like chocolates?!
SO CUTE (^_^)

Cookies! Oh YUMMY!

Oh are those pancakes- I love pancakes!

Those are so cute- I have never had Macaroons before and I love the look of them!
I want to try them they look so yummy! 
I really want to have lots of Hello Kitty snacks to try maybe I will have to go to one of those Hello Kitty cafe's?!
Have you had any Hello Kitty yummy snacks or food, I would love to know what you have tried and what you like the best to snack on!
I love to eat cupcakes that look really cute and colourful with lots of icing in them too!
I would love to have one of t hose rainbow sponge cakes one day.
Have a great day!

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