Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Kitty for all types of Weather

Hello Kawaii blush fans and Kitty fan's. How are we all today? Have you been up to anything nice.
I went out on a girly day which lead to shopping and yummy lunch at a place where you get Pancakes.
The weather was rotten (>.<) which was really annoying but we took shelter under the shops.
I wondered if it was possible for staying Kitty - Kawaii in rainy weather... Since it was so down pours and heavy showers,I thought these things here would come in handy!
But it sure do look like its very possible to stay super Kawaii with Hello Kitty!

How cute is this Hello Kitty umbrella with bow and ears!Very Kawaii right?
(^_^)Of course I love this Tartan coloured umbrella. hehe.

Which one do you like best- you can find so many colours and styles of umbrellas.
Nothing beats rainy days when you have to go out in them when you are wearing a cute raincoat too keep you water proof and helps keep nice and dry.

How adorable and so easy to hide away in your bags incase you get caught in a shower! eek!
Nothing more annoying than that!

Not just for rainy days and splashing about in puddles you can get very Kawaii (>.<) Welly boots.
And they will even come in handy for all those winter snowy days later on in the year, Hello Kitty really has you kitted out for these wet and rainy days.
Are you the type of person who rather stay in and keep dry and curled up nice and cosy. Or would you rather be out in the rain having lots of fun splashing about in the rain and getting the fresh air about you?
I think I would rather stay in doors with my Cup of hot chocolate with some candy and in the warmth of a Hello Kitty fleece blanket with a good book.
How about you?



  1. I love the raincoats and umbrellas. Not sure if I could get boots in my size though. lol

  2. These are all so cute and much needed here lately.


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