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Kawaii Blush

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mini Hello Kitty Fan!

Hello My Kawaii Blush  and Hello Kitty Fan's.
How are you all today?! I am all excited to show you this blog with Photos! Your going to love it!
I started collection the Hello Kitty Magazine in the UK that once you collect it all you end up with a fully furnished items for a house or a Dolls house, You can also send away for the huge Hello Kitty House too. Which I am in hope to get in the next few weeks. So you collect these Magazines up to get the items and I wanted to show you what I have got so far, You will find the older photos in the Blog post called At Home with Hello Kitty Here.

Again I have used my adorable Model BJD Mimmy to model all the new items form the Magazine, She is a huge Hello Kitty Fan too!She is however sad as I have sold her Friend that was called Coco- due to me no being able to do her face up and have found a new BJD with a pretty Face up and very good price. I need to get this new one a Wig, I am thinking of Green eyes for this new one and Silver Hair. However I may need you all to come up with a new name for Mimmy's so to be new friend! 

Any How!
Here is lots of Photos I have taken for you check out the detail of the Hello Kitty stuff!

Showing of the Very cute Hello Kitty washing machine.

Every item in the fridge has Hello Kitty logos the Milk,Butter and even the Yoghurt's!

There is even a cart of eggs!

Very cute Closet for Mimmy's outfits!

Even the pots and pans have Hello Kitty details, The cooker's hobs are shaped like Hello Kitty.
''Any one hungry?!''

The Dinning Table with tiny Glasses and Vases even the table has Hello Kitty decorations

The bath and matching bath mat are the right size for Mimmy and she looks so cute! 

Mimmy and Coco in Hello Kitty outfits saying goodbye to each other.
I hope you all love the photos Mimmy is such a dream model haha!
She is my Mini Hello Kitty Fan.
I cant wait to get more stuff and to take photos for you all!


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