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Kawaii Blush

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fashion style with Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fans!
I got a new haul of clothing, I ordered it some time ago and it takes a while to get to me so I got some photos of some cool Hello Kitty themed pieces.
When am not dressed up in Lolita, I like to be cool and casual (^_^)V
That way I can move about easy but I still like to keep Kawaii and stylish.While I do my daily work and tasks with no worries.

Any how here are some stock photos of my new hoodie top and new t-shirt.

Ah! I wish I looked like these models, they are just so Kawaii and cute!
So I did a review of my order and filmed it. And am talking in the video too hehe!
I really do not like my voice but how ever. I wanted to share it with you all anyway as you get to see the products up close.
My voice is a bit blurred with the background music and the lighting is a bit funny as I filmed it in the evening  - sorry about that! (T^T) But practice makes perfect okay so here it s the link
I also took a few photos with a new wig of mine!

I am in love the the print on this hoodie lots of Hello Kitty and her wearing Glasses!

This top has lots of cute glitter on Hello kitty and I like how the black image stands out too.
What styles do you wear ? Or what styles would you like to try ? I think its fun to try out different trends and styles. Which top do you like the T-shirt or the Hoodie? I think I need to get a nice jumper to add to my hello kitty style and collection hehe! I also have a few new things due to come this week in the mail.
Look out for lots of more Kawaii Blush Posts and entry's coming soon.
I got a lot of ideas but am trying to find a way to put them all together for you so please keep a eye out on the Blog or the fan page.okay?!

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