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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Little Pony

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's , I wanted to give you something completely different and super Kawaii!
My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic.
This is a children program that is SO cute! If you are a Hello Kitty Fan you will love this!

I grew up with My Little Pony and used to collect them as a tiny little girl, I was captured by the cute ponies and the magic.However this new version of My Little Pony (MLP for short) has changed in style and is had know got new fan's and old fans like me back into the cute world of MLP magic and love.
There are a few main characters I wanted to share with you and the ones I think are super Kawaii!
My Little Pony as far as am aware has just been shown over in Japan of late. So let me introduce some of the cute ponies!

The My Little pony gang!
The program revolves around the adventures and daily life of the unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle who is in purple colours , her baby dragon assistant Spike, and her friends in Ponyville who are.
Rainbow Dash, a tomboyish pegasus pony who helps control the weather who is blue in colour and rainbow hair
Rarity, a glamorous unicorn with a flair for fashion design.She is white with purple Hair
Fluttershy, a shy and timid pegasus pony who is fond of animals she is a soft yellow colour and has pink baby hair. She is soo cute (>.<) Kawaii!
Pinkie Pie, a hyperactive pony who loves throwing parties- She is a favourite of mine!
Applejack, a hard-working pony on her apple farm at the outskirts of Ponyville .

I have seen most of the shows and really love it Pinkie pie is the one I love most and Rainbow Dash is super cool!I even have plushes of them- that can be seen in some of my video's on Youtube!

Its some thing worth checking out if you love anything cute you will love this!
There is also lots of anime fan art been done that I love of the show and even making the ponies human like, I was at a local even where some one cosplayed (dressed as) Rainbow dash!
It was so Cool ( n.n )v
Let know if any of you want more stuff on the blog about MLP as its much as passion as Hello Kitty, Yes we even have some MLP toys in Tartan-san's house!
Till Next time!



  1. I prefer the original My Little Pony. Although I did see a fab hoodie of rainbow dash complete with a rainbow mane on the hood.

  2. aww i want it!!! where where where????


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