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Kawaii Blush

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Hello Kitty and Laptop!

Hello My Kawaii Blush Fan's and Helllo Kitty Lovelies!
How are you all? I hope you are having a great week and I have some new things to show you!
(*^_^*) Yay!
I have been using my new camera to take photos of my new things the newest Hello Kitty's that I got in the post last week, which I could not blog about due to my laptop that died and has gone to laptop heaven.
Who would like to see my new laptop by the way?
Its super kawaii!

Meet 'Pinkie' my new very pink and cute laptop, after a bit of custom work and settings she is will be my faithful kawaii partner ,right? (>.<) we will bring the world Kawaii!
Anyway...Here is a photo of her.Sorry its a instagram photo and it is meant to look blurry and off colour but she is a shade of hot pink and shiny on the lid. Aw I love it so much!

And how my desktop looks well... I didnt like Windows 8 (>.<) it was annoying me and I have been a Linux user for like 6 years or something and am used to it so yea it had to go. haha!But it meant that I still had to have to match and be all girly, pink oh and of course...Hello Kitty!
So then this happened!

Cute, Right?!
So yes my new Hello Kitty things I bet you can not wait to see these.
Aw they are just so cute and sweet. Not to forget to say ever so soft, I have been wanting 2 just like these for a while but never seen nice ones
Here are my cute new plushies that have been added to the collection!

Meet my new little cute safari animals, Hello kitty as a Pink leopard and as a cute panda!
Yes I keep most of my Kitty's in plastic bags for keeping the dust off them.

 Can you spot her tail?

How cute are these little hooded cosplays?!

They look so sweet together!
Which one do you like the best?
I love them both so much, Hehe. Oh and yes I already have found a really kawaii Hello Kitty I would like to buy next but I have my heart set on a few dresses! Ekk!
Aw its hard work being a Hello Kitty Lover!



  1. Ah! Those are too cute! Are they TY products? I want them! lol. I'm still trying to finish the KISS theme she did. I have two more left to go. I love your collection!

  2. No they are not the TY brand , It would make life easier if they were to get my hands on them hehe!These are official Sanrio ones :3


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