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Kawaii Blush

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Music to my ears

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Kitty Lovers.
How are you little stars of kawaii today?!
I sure have a treat for you all, If you love music your gona love this Kawaii Hello Kitty Post! Get ready to Sing your hearts out!

Am a big fan of J-pop music myself as well as many other artists, I love a range of music too. Yes I am a big fan of a varity of music , Ive even started a mosh pitt when I went out to heavy metal gigs of big bands-Hehe. Who would have thought that right? Me a your Kawaii Queen- head banging to crazy screaming music.That left me sore in the ears and deaf, (>.<) And yet I am not a wild person?!
Anyhow from Heavy Metal to Musicals and J-pop ( I adore Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!) what better and ultra Kawaii way with the help of our most loved Cat Hello Kitty! I have found so may Hello Kitty goodies.

Check out this kawaii CD player!
Oh I bet this would match in well to any Hello Kitty Fan's Bedroom!

Look at these, You plug in your ipods/MP3s and Hello Kitty bobs about and Dj's to the music! 
Teehee I love it, so much fun right?!

Or if you don't want to have every one hearing your music, Then these Hello kitty ear phones are super cute
Or why not get some really big ones like below?
They look so trendy!
I love these! I love the bow print on the band too.
Know I found not 100% sure what they are but since I am addicted to Hello Kitty - I want one of these! So SO SO CUTE!

Check these out I think they are like speakers but they move and dance along with music.
I LOVE the blue /yellow one and the back one they are just sooo cute.
(^_^)v some one buy me one!
I think these are magic!

Check out this Hello Kitty shaped MP3 player.
So cute!

oh so many Hello Kitty things and lastly something else I wanted to share with you.
This Album gets played in my house a lot. Yes I have a Hello Kitty Album that I love to play to while am doing dull house work or chores and dance away and sing along to the top of my voice!

This is one of the tracks form a artist on the album. It does not belong to me in any way but I found the awsum video! I wish I could star in a video just like this. Look how cool her room is!
(T^T) I want to be as cool as her! So much Hello Kitty!

Hope you enjoy everything in the blog every one!
Tartan x

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