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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Lolita -Cosplay

Hello Kawaii Blushies!
How are you all today? I'm having a busy week. So I have this year slowly been working on a cute Idea/ Project as I am in hope to attend a few events and conventions and wanted to have a bit of fun with a outfit.
I decided that it would be super fun to Cosplay as Hello Kitty herself with a hint of lolita fashion.( one of my fashions I really like.)

So I took one of Hello Kitty's images with a outfit that others would recognise who the Cosplay was of.

So I had to pick out the primary colours of  the Blue overalls, Yellow Top and Red Bow.
But I wanted to make it more girly looking.
I did think about blue over alls but I could not find the nicest blue as a over all colour or in a nice set of overall's.
The Yellow top I had to debate over if I should have short sleeves or long but went for short ones in the end and made sure it was bright enough.

I picked something like the above and then looked at the overall's again but I just could not find any thing.
But then I had a thought. What if I used a dress...

Like the one above.
I would have to wear the tee-shirt under the dress.
Then I thought about some shoes and the red bow so I came up with some kind of idea and placed it all together into a image.

What do you think of it?
Am still waiting on the Bow and think I will add some Lolita shoes to the outfit I have thought about white ones.
But the am also having a bit of trouble picking a wig to match, Lots have suggested about a white short wig to go with it.
What do you Kawaii Blush fan's think?
Would white shoes go better and a white wig or what about a powder pink shade instead?

Till next time 

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