Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am Hello Kitty Hai~

Hello Kawaii Blush Cuties ! I hope I find you are all doing well!
I have been so busy with my project and I have finally got some Kawaii Photos or it and today my white wig came in the post- Yay! (>w<)
With working on this project its made me want to wear more Lolita and I went and ordered a new Dress its a lush shade of red and has lots of flowers on it.
I also bought a new long wavy wig that I love. It's so Pretty! (^_^) Hai!
I wonder if any of you want to see more about my styles? It would be so much fun.

And how here is the final outfit of me being Hello Kitty but with blonde and pink Hair,And I will show you a picture of my white wig too,Maybe you guys can help me pick which one is the best to use for a Cosplay, The white wig is short and quite cute too.

Do you like My pink Hello Kitty Bow?
Is it not just, so Kawaii.
(^V^) What do you think of my white wig?

Here is the outfit on with the blonde and pink hair,I finally got my new hand made red bow to go with the outfit,It really sets it off the outfit.I think anyway. (>.<)
I wore my Black Lolita shoes ( I only have one pair *sobs*) they did go really well but I didn't get a good photo of them with the outfit on.
Oh and I have 2 new Hello Kitty Plush's on Order I think you will like one of them- I think it was made with me in mind! (n.~) Can not wait to show you them when they come in the post.

The other Kawaii goodies I wanted to show you was something I got in the post. Do any of you like X-San, Am a fan of Rilakkuma and Kutusita Nyanko!
So when I saw these Kawaii Kittens Bon-Chan and Lossy I had to get them!
Would you like to see them?
Of course you do its all about Kawaii and Kittens!

These guys are just so soft and adorable!
Am also wearing my newest wig but the lighting was shocking for photos.
That is why I don't like Gloomy days,there is not enough sunlight! I will try and upload the edits of my Hello Kitty outfit soon to the Blog.
Please tell me what you think of the outfit!

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