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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Interview with Tartan Kawaii

Hello Kawaii Blush fans!
I got a Super Treat for you all! The Darling Suzy- A friend in the online Kawaii and Lolita community of mine has been a complete Angel and did a small interview with me to share with you all, We thought it would be a great way for you all to get to know me as a person.
So are you already to step into the world of Tartan-san?
Lets go! Ikimasho!

  A Few Minutes With Tartan Kawaii By Suzy
'I took a few minutes today to speak with Tartan and find out some information that many of us subscribers to her Blog Kawaii Blush and would love to know about our favourite Blogger! I thought I would ask Tartan to join us all in a favourite childhood game – Twenty Questions!!!' 

Hi  Tartan!  Are you ready for your questions???
Hai! \(^_^)/ Am ready!

1.   When did you first discover your love of Hello Kitty?
I discovered my Love for Hello Kitty  when I was in my teen's and fell in love with how cute she was.I came across her as a Plush in a shop and on some stationary in a shop.Hello Kitty is a reminder for me to always stay positive and happy while making new friends.

2.   Do you like any other of Hello Kitty's Sanrio character  friends?
He-he, Yes I adore Chococat- I think he is so adorable and remind's me of my own cat

I have a few Choco-cat things too!
3.   Do you remember the first Hello Kitty item you ever got?
Yes! It was a small Plush of Hello Kitty .She is in a blue outfit and has angel wings. I still have her.

4.   Have you ever been to Puroland (Hello Kitty land) in Japan?    
Sadly, no. But as Japan is the place I want to visit in the whole world. Puroland is on my to do list as soon as I get there! Its one of my dreams. <3

Tartan- san 's 1st ever Hello Kitty.
5.   What is your favourite item in your Hello Kitty  collection and why?
Oh, That's Hard...There is so many to pick from...eek.
Okay it would have to be the Hello Kitty that is from the 2009 Mac collaboration as it was one of my wish list Kitty's to get hold of. She sits with all my other favourite ones or the ones that have sentimental value to me.

6.   Have you seen the  Hello Kitty Doll-house Magazine collectables?
*Laughs* I 'may' have bought that the other day...(-_-'')

7.   Have you subscribed to any of the other Hello Kitty collections by post?
No. So far I have held back,I think I would have no space to move about in my house if I did 

8.   So lets talk about Blogging!  How did you get started?
I started to Blog as a Hobby, Maybe even as a dairy to start with. It was something to keep me out of mischief and stop me from being bored to be honest. So I created a Blog to reach out to the Internet and find others like myself.

9.   How long have you been Blogging?
My personal Blog started in 2010, So I will have been Blogging for 2 years come this September!

10. What advice would you give a beginning Blogger?
I think its Best to Blog about something you are passionate about and to enjoy it.
Over time look at your Blog Stat's and see what your views and readers liked and work on it form there.

11.  Do you remember when you first realised the Blog had taken off in popularity?  How did that feel?
It was Christmas 2010 it really showed me how powerful the internet is .My post was about a Hello Kitty Christmas. It felt so odd but a nice odd feeling, I felt at that point I was onto something and 'Kawaii ' was the way to go.(>.<)

12.  I personally love your tutorials, are they hard to make?
Yes! At the time I had had my Phone to film and it would not stay in position for filming and would fall down and look at the floor. (-_-''') *sigh* .Also  I am really video shy. I also feel awkward too. I wish I was not , So I could work on some more and gain some self confidence. 

13.  What inspires your Blog entries?
Every thing can inspire me mostly Fashion Make up, Things I think are really cute and Hello Kitty of course! It also helps that I enjoy it.

Tartan-san , Likes to have Hello Kitty around her when she is Blogging.
14.  How do you stay motivated  to post to all of us every day?
I think, because I want to reach out to you Kawaii readers that read my Blogs. As well as , see the number of readers increase. It makes me feel that am spreading the word of 'Kawaii' keeps me motivated.
I like to have a Cup of tea near by and  a few Hello Kitty's near me as I Blog and Listen to J-Pop music am a bit of a  Kyarī Pamyu Pamyu Fan. 

15.  When did you first start wearing lolita and what brands do you favour?
I have been captured by J-fashion for years and it lead me to Lolita (and other styles too!). It was not till Last year I started out wearing it. Am still new to it all. I do not have any Brands that I favour yet.

16.  Your wigs are amazing! 
Where you do get them from And How do you determine if a wig will suit you?
Thank you (*^_^*).Most of my collection is from a store called the LockShop. I used to do Hair and Beauty. So I learnt about facial shapes and skin tone which in turn helps what hair styles that would work with the face of the clients, So its something I have kept in mind for myself for buying wigs.
You can always play with Photo edits and copy a image of the wig to a photo of you to see what it would sort of look like too!

17.  For those of us starting in lolita, what are basic must
         haves before you go out in an creation?
I think having the basics would be good but having a really good Petti coat  (for under the dress/skirt.) is a must have! To really make you look like a doll.

18.   About Cosplaying, who was your first ever Cosplay?
Believe it or not...I've not done a cosplay yet! (T_T)

19. Oh! Who would you like to Cosplay then ?
I would love to Cosplay lots of Magical girls, Such as Sailor Moon and Sakura from Cardcaptor's.
Am working on a Cosplay of Hello Kitty that has a Lolita twist to it.

20.  And Finally, what is the next venture you are planning
         to undertake?
Oh am not so sure where my Blog's are leading me. But I would love to try again at Video's or Vlogs.
I would love to attend some Expo's and Conventions to find lots more Hello Kitty's and meet up with some of my reader's too. I would also love to reach my dream to go to Japan.
But till then you will have to wait with me and see! (n.~)

As Always Tartan, it has been amazing to speak to you!!!   I can’t wait to read what you are up to next and please keep the awesome hair/makeup/Lolita tutorials coming!  They are amazing!!!  
Suzy xoxo

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a bit more every one!

And a very huge thank you to Suzy! 
If you do any any questions you can leave them in the comment box or at the J-Grab Fan page on Facebook and I will do my very best to answer them all!

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  1. I'm very happy to know about how you started as a kawaii blogger tartan I wish that I could be just like you:-)


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