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Kawaii Blush

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Everything is just Bow-tastic

Hello Kawaii Blush cuties!
How are you all, Have you been up to anything interesting or any news to share with me like any new Kitty's added to your collections? (^_^)
So I was looking for some items on the internet and one happened to be bows that look a lot like Hello Kitty's Bow! As am working on a project as a Cosplay of Hello Kitty but with a twist of Lolita inspired into the outfit. I can not wait to finish the project and put it all together for you all!
Not every outfit of Kitty's has to have a bow ^_^

So I had to look into finding some kind of bow that would look like Hello Kitty's. I found quite a few things that are so cute that I had to share them with you!
Hello Kitty is sure famous for wearing her cute red bow that, over time has been many colours or even flowers or other hair accessories !
She is just so fashionable and Kawaii!

This a felt bow that I found on my hunt but I didn't think this would be much use to me as I wanted a more 3D effect of a bow. However I still liked how bold and cute it was.

This bow is great for every day but still not Hello Kitty enough for me. 
I love this so much! Its just so cool and Kitty-tastic!
Its bold and loud!

This would be the best thing to pick for my project but I already have white ears. So after spending days of looking I gave in and asked some one to make me a bow for my outfit. I will post a photo of it when I get it in the post.
I also found these awesome looking bows too!

I love this bow its so big, shiny, pretty and 3D like!

I found these not really like Hello Kitty's red bow but there look so sweet and cute - Had to share them with you!
Which one do you like best from the the above, Have you got any Hello Kitty hair bands and bows?
I would love to see them on you cuties! (^_^) I bet you all look adorable!

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