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Kawaii Blush

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Kitty and Lolita

Hello Kawaii Blush Sweeties,  I hope you are all good and well. What new Hello Kitty's Have you been buying to day? Its hard work keeping up with  my collection and wish lists. More so when I also love kawaii Clothing. I think Dressing up in Lolita is not only fun but cute as well!
Do you like to follow a fashion or trend?Are any of you Lolitas too? I would love to know if any of you are.
So am sure you have seen photos of me in my Lolita outfits once or twice but am still learning about the fashion and the different styles. I love Japanese Fashion and trends so much! why cant they be more of it here in the UK?! 
Any way we all know that Hello Kitty loves to dress up but I dont see much of her in Lolita, I for one would love to see her in Kawaii Lolita outfits too,I think they would look adorable!
This what I found on the internet, Not very much may I add.

Not very Lolita but all the same as she is so Kawaii!

I really wish there were Plush dolls like this of Hello Kitty I would want to have these ones so bad !

Those Plushes are just darlings!
I want them all!

I would love to have such a elegant Hello Kitty to match one of my Lolita cords to take around with me.*wahhh!* Its not fair that I can not get my hands on one of there beauties! (T^T)

Anyway's I think Sanrio should make lots more Kawaii Lolita Kitty's. Hee-hee.
As I said I like to wear Lolita myself I love Gothic and Classic looking styles of Lolita.Its just so Pretty so I thought I would share few outfits of me in Lolita.

These are my shoes.I love my pretty yet simple Lolita shoes they go with all my outfits!
I am very lucky to have very small feet so getting my size is a little be easier but sometimes shoes can be out of stock due to this.

Normally I would have picked a Black or dark blouse with this but on this day I wanted to see if white went well with the tights.

I think you are all understanding that I really do like tartan...

This dress,  has become a dress that,  I was not so sure of at first. As its very sweet looking but some how it has grown on me and I am know very found of it.

You cant tell from this image but this is a apron style JSK (Jumper skirt) its very cute its got a white puppy print on the lower part of the skirt.
I would love to dress up more and talk about it more if you guys would enjoy reading more about my Lolita adventures?
Also if your a Lolita please let me know- I would love some more Lolita friends too.


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