Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Kitty Nail Art

Hello Kawaii Blush and J-Grab Fan's.
How are you all?
I thought I would bring you some Kawaii nail art, but of course with a touch of Hello Kitty!
Do you all like doing your nails or even getting them done at a salon?
I quite like to wear fake nails more so any cute decorative ones that you can get- They are just so pretty and princess like.

I wish I knew how to do nails likes these ones!

You can see this one was inspired by the pattern from the right.
I think this was all done by nail polish. I think you would need a lot of time and a steady hand.

Check these Kawaii and very pink sweet looking set of nails!
Decoden nails are so much fun.
They are so cute and sparkly too.

I adore these nails maybe one day, I will get a set like this!
The zebra stripes are just so cool and trendy.
I wonder is my friend could do these for me as they are very pretty yet simple but utterly kitty-tastic!
What type of nail art do you like there are so many types of nail art, trends and ideas.
I love to have long nails or fake nails that you can do at home and do them yourself.
I have found other cool nail art from fuzzy nails to ombre shades.

Tee hee cute and saving the cutest to last.

WOW So cute.
Id love to see your Hello Kitty art!

Till next time

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