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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get better soon with Hello Kitty

Hello my Kawaii Blush fan's!
Hi Hi - I hope every one is well and loving the Blog.

I've not been to well (T^T) 

Which is very annoying because I love talking to you all with my Blog, Hai! Your love for Cute and Hello Kitty makes me Smile with the J-Grab Fan Page.
I do not get much time to rest when am unwell but there is nothing worse when you feel awful.
But I try my best to keep cute and happy.
So I like to surround myself with the things I love, Likes of Hello Kitty, soft toy's, ect I even try to put a bit of make up one just so I can feel a bit better and not look like am some sort of Zombie.  (¬º-°)¬ ... I also like to do my nails and try to cheer myself up.
What do you all do to when you are feeling poorly?

So I  thought why not share the things that help make me feel a bit better when I am unwell.
I hope am better for the Weekend I have a some plans/Ideas that I hope I can share with you.Tee-hee. -
Hope you all will love it! So here are a few Hello Kitty and Kawaii things below to keep you happy and feeling a bit better when you are unwell.

Such a cosy dressing gown,I wear my own Hello Kitty gown when I feel all shivery and cold. Its nice to snuggle under.
As well that you could get a super Kawaii fleece blanket- I have three at home.Two are dull and pain but the other one has a Hello Kitty on it.


I also like to use a Hot water bottle if I need to and have no pain killers but this is one of the cutest Hot water bottles I have ever seen! I think I will have to get this one or one like it.It can get very cold in Scotland! (Shudder's).

Also you may want to have a First Aid Kit at hand too, So why not make it even more Kawaii with the Help of Hello Kitty.

Oh and I love to wear slippers that are cute to look at,I have some Hello Kitty Slippers that match my dressing gown.
I hope these give you some Ideas for staying cute if you ever feel ill,I hope you don't though!
Keep strong and healthy! And Please don't be shy... Your welcome to leave messages on the Blog. I love to get messages and comments, Even seeing your Hello Kitty stuff too!


  1. Awww that's too bad. I love the first aide kit, too cute! Hope you feel better soon pet.

  2. where are you guys and i am in melbourne so i want to get some more kitty things pls help

  3. Hi Deborah, Am based in the UK but J-Grab is in Japan if you look the the right hand side of the Blog and scroll down to shop you can check out what J-Grab have! XXX (0^_^0)


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