Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, March 21, 2013

300K Likes Give -away!

Hello Kawaii Blush and (J-grab Fans!).

If you follow me on the J-Grab Page we wanted to spoil you all once again for all the support that you show us by liking and sharing our page!
I Love your comments and messages! They make me so happy and we all love Hello Kitty.

So we wanted to do Give away with you to say ''THANK YOU!''/ Arigatō!.
With your help we have reach over 300K Likes!! WHOAAA!!!
( ^_^ ) <3

So Here is a Hello Kitty Give-away and a  chance to win a Hello Kitty Gradation Light Pink Nail Set by Hello Kitty!
Kawaii Ne!!

This time there will be 2 Winners that will be drawn and announced on April the 1st (2013) and this Give away is open you all of you J-Grab Fan page Fans/Kawaii Blush Fans all over the World!!!!How Great is that!! 
Are you excited? (^V^) Would you like to see the Prize?
But of course you do!

How cute is this Light pink Nail polish? Its so Pretty and sparkly!

How to Enter-
Go to our Facebook page.
1- Upload a Cute photo of  your Hello Kitty Things and Share it on Public so I can see them all to the J-Grab Page.
2- Go to Tartan-sans Page ''Tartan Kawaii'' and Like the page and Leave a comment on the page.

Easy as that!
On top of this Great give-away, I have decided that I will be making a Skype account ! That way I can chat with you all on Skype- Currently my Web cam is not working but when I do get a new one and that I may even be able to make new Hang outs on G+ with you all but for that you must become a follower on the Blog with Google + to then Hang out with me!
Look out for the Event on our Facebook Fan Page!
J-Grab Fan Page Link
Great, Right!!

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  1. I used to collect Hello Kitty when I was younger but they are all gone now. I still love Hello Kitty though and I am planning to start a collection again. For now, I just console myself by reading blogs featuring this iconic Japanese cartoon character.

    Who ever wins will surely be happy.


    Geek Gone Girly


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